Non-disclosure Agreement Form

Non-disclosure Agreement Form


Haze Real Estate do not wish to be a roadblock to you by making it hard to gain information on businesses of interest.

We do need however to take care when passing out sensitive business information. In addition to completion of the confidentiality agreement we will often require specific consent from the business owner prior to release of details on the business.

As a buyer wishing to assess the business suitability and to establish whether it meets your criteria, or not, you will be keen to gain as much information on the business as possible.

However, the identity of the business and the information regarding the business is commercially sensitive.

Before releasing their information the owner of the business will want to know that you;

  • are genuinely interested in purchasing the business,
  • are financially capable of purchasing the business,
  • have the required skills and / or experience to operate the business,
  • are not a competitor, employee, supplier or anyone related to the business of the current owner

Completion of a Confidentiality Undertaking does not necessarily give you automatic entitlement to the business information. We will need the owner’s approval first.

If you’re in the market to buy a business please be patient and understand why the business owner wants an understanding of who you are and how you intend to run and finance the potential purchase of the business.

If you are considering selling your business you can rest assured that at Haze Real Estate we take the confidentiality of your business information seriously.


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