Embrace a Self Sufficient Lifestyle

Embrace a Self Sufficient Lifestyle

Embrace a Self Sufficient Lifestyle

1683 Far North Rd Waipapakauri Northland 0484 NZ

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Floor Area
110 sqm
Land Area
6.4085 hectare


This Far North slice of rural paradise spanning 6.4085 hectares (more or less) of self-sufficiency and sustainability is your future. A lifestyle block where you can escape urban living and make it your chance to embrace a harmonious life with nature, an orchard bursting with life, lush vegetable gardens, and well-organized paddocks. This block has great free draining soil making it a good property for a horticultural application. The thriving orchard is abundant with peach, guava, macadamia, walnuts, feijoa, nectarine, fig, olives, kafir lime, lemonade, lime, oranges, lemons, mandarins and plums, providing a year-round supply of fresh fruits. Expansive vegetable gardens waiting to be filled with a variety of produce – ensuring fresh, farm-to-table dining daily. Previously used for market gardening so proven to produce good crops.
Well-fenced into 8 paddocks, perfect for livestock grazing. Currently utilised as a fattening block. Good stock yards, with a loading race designed for easy and efficient livestock management. There is bore water supply. The substantial outbuildings consist of a double garage/workshop for all your DIY and hobby needs. Garden sheds and a large, open implement shed/barn that provides ample storage space for your, equipment, and machinery, ensuring you have everything you need to maintain your self-sufficient lifestyle. The modest dwelling has been a well loved family home. Boasting three cozy bedrooms, each offering a serene view of the surrounding property. Within minutes drive you have access to 90 Mile Beach and Lake Ngatu, not much further north you can venture out to Kaimaumau and set the long line or launch a boat from Pukenui for a days fishing and that’s just a few of your options or maybe its the east coast you prefer, depending on the weather. Wherever you choose there is always an abundance of kaimoana.
You need to look at this property to realise its true potential. Call us today for a down to earth look.

1683 Far North Rd Waipapakauri Northland 0484 Far North

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