Age Old Charm – Reduced to Sell

Age Old Charm – Reduced to Sell

Age Old Charm – Reduced to Sell

82 Quarry Road Awanui Northland 0486 NZ

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Floor Area
130 sqm
Land Area
5211 sqm


My vendor has said reduce the price its time to move on.

Here, amidst the timeless beauty of the countryside, this early 1900s homestead stands as a testament to a bygone era. A place where history and nature intertwine, offering a sanctuary of serenity and splendor for generations to come. The original build was the early 1900’s then in the mid 1900’s an addition was made to the rear of the home and later it was re-clad and the joinery replaced with aluminuim, she was re-wired, re-piled approx 3 years ago.

This spacious 4 bedroom, 1 bathroom house is the perfect family home. It has a large lounge and seperate kitchen/dining with space galore. The beautiful native timber flooring is a real eye catcher.

It also features a double garage/workshop with a games room off the end of it. There are numerous fruit and nut trees and several beautiful Puriri trees which have stood the test of time over many years.

Having a land area of 5211m2 this lifestyle property has so much potential and with a building area of 130m2, there is plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Within close proximity to the airport, Awanui and only a few minutes back to town. The central location also makes it only a short drive to 90 Mile Beach, further north and the east and west coast. Come to view, let your imagination run wild and make this your home.

82 Quarry Road Awanui Northland 0486 Awanui

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Age Old Charm – Reduced to Sell

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