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The first step to list your property for sale is to find out what price you can expect to get. It can be challenging for yourself to put a dollar value on your own home, because if you live at the property, it is a place you have spent years in, building memories and immeasurable time and energy maintaining and improving. If it is an investment property, you have had to work hard to maximise your return to build for your future.

That is why a property appraisal from Haze Real Estate is so important. We have been through hundreds of properties over many years and have spent thousands of hours on the ground in Northland’s real estate market. We take a professional approach in assessing what your property is worth, while also respecting the sentimental attachment most people have to their home or investment property.

The Appraisal Process

There’s various terms used to describe the property appraisal process. The most common terms are “property appraisal” or “market appraisal”. Both of these terms refer to the process of having an expert real estate agent assess your property to determine the likely price range your property fits into if you were to sell it.

In conducting a property appraisal for you, Haze Real Estate take into account a number of considerations, including the following:

  • Comparable/similar sales in your local area.

  • Market conditions, e.g. how quickly properties in your area are selling, levels of buyer interest etc.

  • The type of property you have, e.g. is your property a freestanding home, a lifestyle block, , or some other type of property.

  • Timing, e.g. do you have the luxury of taking your time with the sale or are there other influences at play that mean that your property needs to sell quickly?

  • Demographics of the local area, e.g. should your marketing campaign be geared at families or towards investors?

  • The unique features of your property, e.g. what are its main selling points and how it stands out from other properties in the area?

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