The way our applications now work

With the re-brand some of our processes changed. In particular we changed the way you now apply for rental property through our Property Management service.

We’ve switched everything online. There isn’t actually a need to visit our office anymore to pick-up an application or view what’s available.

In fact, our list of available rental property is displayed in the window / on our Kaitaia office t.v screens. The next step is attending a viewing.

We’re going back to the traditional method of showing property. Previously we wouldn’t hold viewings until after you submitted an application and then we would phone you directly and organise a private viewing. This method of showing property was resulting in a lot of people simply missing out on the opportunity to rent with us.

We’re simplifying things and switching to a more inclusive approach… We will now hold at least two viewings for a property in a four weekly period, unless the property is let sooner than that.

At the viewing you will receive a flyer with information about the property and information on how to apply, including a QR Code that will take you directly to the application form.

Now there is something to keep in mind. We no longer take paper applications… your application MUST be online!

What if there aren't rentals available?

If we don’t have any rental property currently advertised that doesn’t mean that’s the end of it. You can submit an “Expression of Interest” / “Subscribe to our Database” to be added to our mailing list and as soon as a property is listed for rent you will receive an e-mail update with information about that property and information about the viewing time(s).

Here’s something important to note. We will give first opportunity to a suitable tenant that is subscribed to our property alerts.