Website Updated

Some of you may have noticed and some of you may not have noticed that our website has been updated. In particular, changes on the “Rent” tab of the website were made, these are:

  • Our application form was updated.
  • A “Book a Viewing” button was added.

The Application Form:

As of today we are requiring that you attend a viewing of the property prior to submitting an online application with us. At the viewing you will be given some important information about renting with us and information about the property you are viewing. You will also be given further information on how to apply and what the online application form will require you to submit.

The Book A Viewing Button:

Since we are now requiring that you attend a viewing prior to making an application, you will need to book to attend the viewing via our “Book a Viewing” button on the website. Scheduled viewing times will present themselves when you click the Book a Viewing button and you will be able to book in at that time.

Should there be no suitable times you can e-mail us to inquire or provide feedback; however, we cannot guarantee that any additional viewings will be added upon receiving your feedback.


We are committed to providing an exemplary service to both Landlord and Tenant. These changes are for the benefit of both. Should you have any questions, concerns or feedback, feel free to e-mail us at